Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fred from URL @ 12:58 AM

Its already December.6 more months to my end of tour if im right.2 months have already gone past just like that which is good.Im keeping my mind occupied with loads of latest dvds and my body in shape by conditioning and training up in the gym.Surely i have gained strength in many areas of my body.But i really lost alot of my techniques and stuff.I hope I can gain back what I have lost after 8 months in Brunei.A quarter of the tour is done.Looking forward to finishing it.I have to keep my mind positive.

And yeah Stop fucking talking about me in your blog.You think I dont know your fucking blog,you bitch.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fred from URL @ 4:29 AM

I guess its about time I blog.hah.Almost 5 months since the last post.Wow.Time really flies.And now in a few days I will be flying off to Brunei.Will be there for 8 months.I hope everything is gonna be fine.Well,alot has been going on for the past months.Good and bad moments here and there.It really has been a roller coaster ride for me.From family,friends,relationships and trainings in pk.I really cherished those moments.And when im back in Singapore,its a fresh start I guess.Throwing away all those bad memories and looking ahead for the future.I made a promise to myself that I will continue to train hard after my ORD.10 more months left in the army.Brunei here I come!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fred from URL @ 11:46 PM

This is getting really depressing.Everything is just going down the drain just like that.I just dunno why my life sucked so much.Ive never felt this bad for such a long time already.Why must bad things happen to me?I didnt do anything wrong to harm anyone.I think maybe God just hates me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fred from URL @ 11:47 PM

One word : Depressed.

Fred from URL @ 2:21 AM

This blog is finally updated since I dunno when.Been really busy with army and stuff.Due to the loss of my internet connection at home,Ive been secretly using my neighbour's internet connection.Haha.Internet speed wise it really sucks.As long I can blog or facebook,its okay already.So guys if you're reading this or what,sorry if im always popping out at messenger or something.A couple of things to talk about.

First things first,my life.Ever since Ive entered army,I feel the lack of freedom to interact with friends,missing out alot on things that people enjoy and lack of time to train.By the time its the weekend or what,Im pretty much tired to do anything.Ive been becoming lazier each day which I dunno why.I have to stop this habit and other bad habits.Its really frustrating to not be able to control and just fall into the trap of temptation.

The second thought is about parkour.Ive been really sloppy in movements.Not in top form.As Ive said in my first thought that the lack of time and just pure lethargicness just kills me slowly.I had little session of strength training earlier in the afternoon.I realise that my strength is slowly picking up as this is the only thing I can train on inside camp.I just wana make my climb ups more consistent.For the mean time right now,I just wana stick to basic movements.Drill them to perfection.Well not really perfect but just good enough.Flips are very rusty right now.I think I shall probably wait till I finish army,then I'll start tricking back.

Just a random thought,anyone playing left 4 dead can ask me along too and I need Macs right now!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fred from URL @ 9:42 PM

Anybody up for a movie??Thought catching Cuming Soon.I mean Coming Soon.The trailer is really scary to the hardcore maximum.Its been quite sometime since I last watched a horror movie.Usually its all action packed,comedy,sexual or violent gore movies that are my favourite.I know i very kental at watching horror movies one.Later at night canot sleep then got insomnia like Craig sucks to the core sia at this time.I cant even go to the bloody page to watch videos.Damn man.WHY YOUTUBE WHY?????

Monday, March 09, 2009

Fred from URL @ 10:08 PM

I really dont understand why my dad dont wana ask my help even though he is in financial difficulty.Seriously I dont get the point.My handphone line has been cut off for the fact that my dad didn't even bother opening the letter for the bill to even see how much is it.Can let me settle dont want.Super stubborn.I really don't know how the hell to help him.Seyesly.I cannot even have peace on my mind.Money is really the killer for alot of people nowadays.No matter how rich you are,the money is still not enough.The more you have,the more you spend.Simple as that.And in Singapore,its all about the money.No money means no luxuries,priviledges,girls and whatever shit.Its really driving alot of people nuts.Ive got no idea why even this post is about money.Will update again tomorrow night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fred from URL @ 11:25 PM

Been kinda super busy lately with my driving course.Super tiring though and I still find time to meet up some people.Really cant wait for the Buangkok jam next week.Epicness.My sampler almost is complete just a few more clips and it'll be done.My body is really exhausted after alot of stuff that's been going on lately.Youtube is really irritating like hell.Unable to load videos fully.Really super frustrating not to be able to watch some good videos online.Im really frustrated not to be able to really practice my flips due to life in army.Flips is like an everyday thing you must do to get it to second nature.The only exercise i do in the army is the time when im inside the gym.I think its really pathetic when some of ur friends still regard you as friends with them even though they don't wana pick up your calls or reply your messages and instead giving you excuses and shit.I don't understand the whole point of this.Its like they regard as a friend through their toughest times in their life when they really need you by their side.I think its really really unfair and selfish.Enough talking about that.Need a good night rest.

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